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What & How

6 X 2h workshops following the main theme of Harvard Business Review issues (not the content). Presenting ΞΥΝ protocols on the themes with real cases and then applying the protocol to identify its relevance to your organisation and create your custom execution masterplan. Sessions are for Owners, CEOs and Directors. There will be max15 participants per workshop to ensure a quality execution.

Indicative 2018/2019 HBR themes: Are METRICS Undermining Your Business, The AIPowered Organisation, The Hard Truth about Innovation, The Age of Continious Connection, The End of BUREAUCRACY, Why Feedback Fails, The Business Case for Curiosity.
Workshops structure Time
A Protocol presentation and discussion on real cases 60'
B Assessment of relevance 15'
C Drafting an execution masterplan 45'

When & Where

Workshop place

Starting January 9th 2020 16:00-18:00, Next dates 12/3,14/5,9/7,10/9,12/11. First session will be on Collaboration following Nov-Dec HBR issue theme “Cracking the Code on Collaboration”.

Workshops will be held in Irrational Academy, Navarchou Nikodimou 5, Syntagma.

Price: 1.190€ per participant for 6 workshops

Additional VAT charges apply. Invoice will be issued after the 1st session. The aforementioned cost covers for the workshop, the presentation, the protocol, coffee and wine.

When you need that extra capacity in management or expertise, you will get what suits you with fast results because we use original protocols and have the capability to adjust them to your needs. If you also like things to last, we take care of efficient integration by working with you, to develop and apply solutions, rather than suggest things created in isolation. In a nutshell we own the protocols, deliver what you can use, walk together. Best quote we ever got from a customer: "calm pragmatism for an optimum approach".

Design & Delivery team

Romylos Politopoulos
Romylos Politopoulos CEO "Strategy purist"
Manos Roudas
Manos Roudas Partner "Move things"